[Fibromyalgia Pain Relief] Thanks to TheraVibe I am pain free for the first time in 5 years. Before TheraVibe I had tried every treatment under the sun for my severe fibromyalgia. Some worked in the short term but eventually the fibromyalgia got the better of it . Since using TheraVibe I am not only pain free, but I also have more energy and noticed some welcoming inch loss and body toning.

Thank you TheraVibe!
- Veronica N, San Clemente, California

[Chronic back pain] I am a 54 year old female interactive chef in a 5 star resort. It’s a physically demanding job that keeps me on my feet all day. I have chronic back pain from injuries sustained in a serious car accident in ’91 that is aggravated by the nature of my work. I visit the chiropractor and massage therapist on a weekly basis in order to cope, although relief is small and temporary. Since using TheraVibe for 2 weeks, I no longer feel the need for these treatments. Recovery is faster too; previously it would take days to recover from a tough work day where now it happens overnight. The pain that used to shoot down my legs is gone. I feel that my body is finally starting to recover from my car accident and I can now foresee a time when I will be free of the pain and discomfort that has plagued me for almost 20 years.
- Jan H, Laguna Beach, California

[Frozen Shoulder & Energy] TheraVibe whole body vibration therapy changed my 8-month pattern of sleepless nights after just two relaxing 10-minute sessions. While traveling for business with a heavy briefcase and luggage I sustained two tears in my shoulder causing excruciating pain and severely limited use of my right arm. My orthopedist diagnosed my condition as a "frozen shoulder." Physical therapy irritated my condition and anti-inflammatory pills, pain medication and a cortisone shot did nothing to relieve my pain. Gentle stretching and patience were prescribed as my body took its natural course to heal itself. Three doctors told me that complete recovery could take as long as two years. I was fortunate to discover TheraVibe's whole body, deep-tissue massage. After nearly three weeks of daily 10-minute soothing vibration, I no longer feel the pain in my shoulder with light exercise and my range of motion has almost doubled (and continues to improve). I no longer need to take a 2-hour nap to make it through the day. In fact, I find myself waking restfully before my alarm clock goes off and I am beginning to incorporate a light run into my day for the first time in my life! I must also mention the extra perks I've noticed from my TheraVibe sessions... improved muscle tone, a healthier glow to my skin, and more energy to juggle my busy days as a businesswoman, wife, and mother of two teenage boys. Thank you, TheraVibe, for your gentle rehabilitation.
- Lindie O, San Clemente, California

[Back recovery & Energy] I have been using TheraVibe for 18 days now. I started off using it once a day on the Wellness setting and then moved to the Workout session. I can say I am hooked! I wake up each morning looking forward to getting on the machine. Since using the TheraVibe my sleep is better then ever and I wake up early and ready to go. I don't feel groggy and I don't want to sleep in as usual. I have more energy, feel more toned and my endurance is higher. Due to major back surgery and a disk replacement to fix my broken spine I cannot use a lot of the equipment at a gym. I believe TheraVibe is helping my back to get stronger and giving me the workout I need. I truly don't want to be without it. It just makes me feel so good.
- Becky B, California

[Respiratory] My overall health has always been okay with a weakness associated with my lungs and respiratory ailments. When I started on TheraVibe™ 60 days ago with full blown bronchitis (coughing, no energy) I was over the bronchitis within 7 days and my energy and vitality were at an all time high. Within two weeks I noticed a big change in my sleep patterns.  I could stay awake for long periods of time and then when I did go to sleep it was deep and refreshing sleep. The best part is that after many years of dieting and exercise I lost inches and dropped a full dress size. I can only imagine what other people are gaining from this life changing machine. It is a true blessing.
- Kim M, California

[Athletic Conditioning] Since using TheraVibe I have an overall sense of well being, I need less sleep and have more energy. While I have not directly lost weight, my muscles have shown increased definition, and there is a noticeable increase in overall performance, flexibility, and strength. My neck and lower back have strengthened and I seldom have pain in these areas anymore. As a tri-athlete, I look forward to continuing to take advantage of both the short and long term benefits of Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration not only for athletic conditioning, but also to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.
- Krirsty C, California

[Health & Wellness] TheraVibe energizes & Invigorates me. I also noticed my muscles are more toned. I check my own blood pressure, and was happy to see it has gone down. In addition, my congestion cleared up, and I have not had to use my asthma inhaler like I did before. I love the way it makes me feel all around. I feel great and handle stress much better then I have in the past. I highly recommend TheraVibe to anyone wanting to feel and look great!
- Ned M, San Clemente, California

[Wellbeing] The TheraVibe System, in three weeks, has transformed me - body, soul, and mind. My mental attitude towards my health has done a 360 degree turn. Prior to being introduced to this amazing machine I always had the best intentions of exercising and eating healthy but did not have the drive. With TheraVibe I have experienced an amazing transformation. Some of the physical changes include the ability to sleep through the night without the aid of medication and feeling energized when I wake up. I have lost both weight and inches, and my bowel movements are normal. I no longer suffer with the severe lower back ache from arthritis that has plagued me for the past 15 years and my posture has improved. My double chin is a thing of the past, my facial skin is tighter, my skin is radiant and even my hair feels healthier. My bouts with depression are obsolete and the weight on my shoulders that sometimes paralyzed me no longer has a threshold on me. I continually experience a positive mental attitude. I find myself unafraid to take on the new challenges which have presented themselves in the past 2 weeks. I am now thankful on a daily basis for the blessing I receive. I am amazed that a single machine can do for me what the TheraVibe has done.
- Rosanne L, California