Owning a TheraVibe

Best Value

TheraVibe is the very best vibration platform that money can buy. TheraVibe has the latest and most advanced technology, the highest dependability with the broadest range of professional uses. Yet we have brought it to market priced in the same region as competitive products from Korea.


Theravibe is usually purchased on a lease. Lease payment is around $420 per month depending on credit. If you're going to be billing for TheraVibe sessions, then check out our profit calculator and billing section to see how you can TheraVibe can pay for itself in 10 minutes per day.

Negligible Operating Cost

TheraVibe uses zero maintenance technology, so the only operating cost is the electricity that powers TheraVibe. Typical consumption for a 10 minute session is $0.10 (in the USA). Other consumables often include antiseptic wipes, protective booties or tear sheets (to stand on).


Check out the Benefits section on this site to explore all the possible applications of TheraVibe technology.

Theravibe Whole Body Vibration