Commercial Use

Charging for TheraVibe™ Sessions

Most of our customers use TheraVibe in a professional setting. Here are some examples of what is charged for a TheraVibe session:

  • Per use: This charging approach is most commonly used by healthcare professionals who use TheraVibe as part of a wellness program. Charges vary between $10 and $35.
  • Monthly Subscription: This approach is most commonly used by spas that offer TheraVibe for regular, frequent, self-service use for general health and wellness. Typical charges vary from $70 to $120 per month for three uses per week. This works out to between $5.40 and $9.20 per session.
  • Free: In this scenario, TheraVibe is used to add value to other products and services, to generate traffic and repeat business. Providing free use is uncommon, since the benefits are sufficient to include a charge, even if these benefits add value to other products and services.
Theravibe Patient Billing

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