The flexibility of treatment that TheraVibe™ delivers makes it well suited to a wide variety of professional uses. Below are some examples of specific uses across a range of industries. These examples illustrate not only the variation of use but also the commercial aspect of operating TheraVibe.

TheraVibe is a commercial grade device, designed and manufactured for continuous professional use. Our business case for our professional customers is based on these principles:
  • TheraVibe requires very little floor space (3’ x 4’), a little more if using a privacy screen.
  • TheraVibe costs very little to operate. Electrical use is less than a dime for the most intense workout. The only other likely cost is sanitary sheets for the foot plate.
  • TheraVibe is easy to use, so customers can self-serve. An optional card reader further automates this approach.
  • Last, and most importantly, operating TheraVibe brings in new customers and increases traffic. It does this because of the word of mouth marketing (new and different) and because whole body massage on TheraVibe is addictive. People keep returning because of the benefits that they experience.

TheraVibe™ establishes a new class of whole body massage (WMB) equipment. TheraVibe was designed to be the most reliable, dependable, safe, versatile and easy to use. TheraVibe is the “Bentley” of vibration machines, but surprisingly not the most expensive. Here are some of the characteristics that puts TheraVibe in a class of its own;

Advanced Features

  • Gentle vibration: TheraVibe allows the user to control the strength of the vibration by fractional increments starting low enough where the vibration is barely perceptible.
  • Pure vertical movement: TheraVibe restricts the movement of the plate to pure vertical vibration, acting in the direction of gravity, to avoid undesirable sideways stress on the joints.
  • Low frequency technology: TheraVibe can produce up to an inch of vertical movement on the plate at frequencies as low as 3Hz. This low frequency, high amplitude vibration is highly effective at massaging joints and improving flexibility and balance.
  • Virtual spring technology: TheraVibe incorporates advanced digital control technology to create a plate vibration that is firm yet springy.

Leading Vibration Technology

  • Magnetic actuator technology: The linear motor that drives the vibrating plate uses the same technology as used in medical, semiconductor and defense systems.
  • Precision control: The plate position is measured to a fraction of a thousandth of an inch over a thousand times per second. This measurement is used to adjust motor power to produce the desired plate movement.
  • Weight adaptive: TheraVibe automatically calibrates for the user’s weight so that everyone gets the same ride, regardless of their weight. Up to 550lbs!

Unsurpassed Durability

  • Zero maintenance technology: TheraVibe’s patent-pending advanced design eliminates wear and the need for lubrication. TheraVibe does not require periodic maintenance.
  • Rust proof: All steel parts are first zinc electroplated before powder coating.This ensures that parts will not rust, even if the baked coating is chipped or scratched during use.
  • Hard wearing: The vibrating plate is coated with super tough Line-X truck-bed liner.
  • Stainless steel: All screws are stainless steel. Handles are stainless steel instead of chromed steel, so they remain rust free and dents and scratches can be polished out.

These collective qualities result in a device that is equally at home in a day spa, doctor’s office, high-end gym, or luxury home gym.

TheraVibe’s low-impact vibration allows the user to stand fully upright and experience the benefit of vibration throughout the body, something not possible with other vibration machines. (See our comparison sheet for more on this topic.)

Theravibe Whole Body Vibration